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What is Content & Distribution?

The brand/business purchases content. Distribution through Aflog is referred to as when the content created by the creator is also posted on their social media handles. They’re typically two different service verticals

What are the usage rights of the content?

Typically any content created at Aflog can be used for ever, anywhere the brand or agency would like. But while working with creators like celebrities - They tend to add a timeline for the usage rights

What if the content needs any changes?

We don’t offer reshoots until if any guideline isn’t followed. Otherwise we do offer revisions - In terms of edits, supers, music, timelines etc. We offer only one set of revisions

How is this different from a production house?

We’re a content marketplace. We have 1000s of creators, and upcoming production teams at our platform. So ideally, as a brand or agency - You can look at the best person/team for your requirement. We act as aggregators


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